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Why should I have gutter guards?

June 24, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Gutter guards claim to protect the gutter system on the home, reducing damage and the need for expensive cleaning. Most homeowners ask if gutter guards protect the gutters and if they’re worth the costs as they consider the addition. If you reside in Portland, installing gutter guards is a favorable decision you’ll value for many years.

Gutter guards prevent debris like dirt, leaves, and sticks from accumulating in the gutters while allowing water to flow freely away from your home. That way must be directed away from the house to prevent damage to the foundation, roof, and other areas. Traditional gutters need cleaning two times each year, although some homeowners may need more frequent service. Without regular cleanings, clogging occurs, and so does the damage. 

Who Needs Gutter Guards on Their Gutter System?

Almost every home that uses gutters can also benefit from gutter guards. Do pine trees decorate your lawn? Have a luxurious landscape that you want to maintain? Do your neighbors have trees? Does the thought of cleaning gutters cause worry and angst? Do you have a ladder and the tools necessary to clean the gutters? Gutter guards put your mind at ease as they protect the home against damage and the need for expensive repairs.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Gutter Guards

Do not choose the first gutter guards that you see advertised, however. Some gutter guards aren’t worth the costs or the time it takes to install them. They do not prevent all debris from clogging the gutters and still need cleaning.

Gutter Empire ensures the gutter guards installed on your home provide complete protection for your gutters.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards on your home prevents clogs and the need to clean the gutters. You can sleep comfortably every night with the sound protection that comes from gutter guards. No more dangerous cleaning is needed when Gutter Empire installs quality gutter guards on your gutter system. No more damage to the home’s foundation or the landscaping. Gutter guards provide protection that keeps your home safe and enjoyable for many years to come. 

No more calls to gutter cleaning companies or handing over your hard-earned money. Pay for gutter guards one time, and that’s it! Our gutter guards include a No-Clog guarantee. They’ll never clog, and if they do, we’ll come and clean them for free. It is one more way we protect our customer’s homes and wallets!