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Comprehensive gutter repair in Portland

When you are busy throughout the day at work and the office, it is quite obvious that you might forget some of the essential elements such as the maintenance of your house. Repair and maintenance of the gutter is one of the most essential things that many homeowners often tend to forget or even at times ignore due to their hectic schedule.

But this ignorance can often cause damage to the other parts of the house and you may have to incur much higher expenses later on. Hence, it is important to call up the professionals and get the gutter repair done at the right time.

Best Gutter Repair Service in Portland

We are a legitimate team of gutter specialists who love to maintain honesty in the service that we are providing you. We put our customers at the top priority so that you can get the best service and 100% satisfaction. In return, we love to see the smiling face of our clients when we leave the work site.

After we visit your house for inspection, our professionals will only tell the truth about the condition of your gutter and will offer fair repair options that are actually required. Unlike other companies, we do not claim anything extra just to earn extra.

When the repair service of the gutter system comes up, one of the major concerns that homeowners have is the cost of the repair task. You do not have to worry because we not just offer you honest service but also offer competitive rates for the service. We have been offering low-cost gutter repair services to many customers by now throughout and nearby Portland. Moreover, it is our reliable service at an affordable cost that attracts most customers in Portland.

Our technicians do not consider any task to be too small or too big. When you have contacted us for gutter repair, we make sure to offer you the service irrespective of what kind of damage it is. Whether it is broken seams, leaking downspouts, cracks, corrosion, or anything else, our experts know to handle each and every damage in the most efficient way.

Your home is the most important place on the Earth and so it is your responsibility to take care of it. If you are not able to repair and maintain your gutter system, you do not have to worry. Just give us a call and we will be there to provide you the right support and repair the gutter system of your house.

Common Gutter Repairs

While our professionals at Gutter Empire take care of every type of gutter repair, here are some of the common gutter repair options that you will come across.

Loose Gutters

Loose gutters will lead to spillage of water. Another sign that your gutter has gone loose is that you will notice a gap between the gutter and the Fascia Board. Often loose gutters can also be a reason for incorrect sloping. In such a case, earlier ferrules and spikes were used to tighten the gutter. But with time, the spikes can also go loose. We go by the latest technologies and so we tighten the gutter with the help of gutter screws.

Detached Gutter

Gutters can also get detached from their position. When this happens, you will be able to notice a gap between the gutter and the board, or even at times the gutter can come off completely. Our technicians will inspect the situation first and will offer options such as siding repair, if this solves the problem. But if offering repair is not going to fix the gutter, then we will also suggest you get a replacement done.

Loose Downspouts

Loose downspouts are another problem that may arise in your gutter. Our technicians will fit downspouts in this actual place and will position them rightly and will fit it carefully in the drain system. But again, we will suggest the replacement of the downspouts if they are completely damaged.


Often leakage in the seams and joints is one of the major problems that can cause seepage in the walls and damage to other properties in the house. Our technicians mostly fix this problem with the help of a standard high-quality gutter sealant. Our technicians are experts in using the sealant in a professional way so that it stays durable for a long time. Apart from seams and joints, we also seal end caps to repair and solve leakage issues from the caps.

Gutter Holes

Often you can see holes in the gutter because of rust. Sealants are used for fixing these holes but they may not be effective always. If the condition is too bad, then our professionals will make use of patchwork to fix these holes. Fixing the holes in the gutter is just a temporary solution. You should be ready to invest money in getting a gutter replacement done later on when the condition worsens.

Re-Sloping Gutters

Re-sloping gutters happen because of structural issues mostly. When such a problem arises, the gutter water starts overflowing. One of the ways how our technicians can solve this issue is by adding one more downspout. If this problem is not addressed, then rust can cause damage to the gutter and you may have to replace the entire system soon.

System Flow Optimization

It may happen that you are cleaning the gutter regularly, and still, there is a problem of water overflow. This means that the capacity of the gutter flow is not enough. There can be extremely heavy rainfall at times in Portland and so you should get a gutter system that can drain the water in sufficient amounts to the ground. If this is the case, then our technicians will help you in getting an optimized flow capacity for your gutter system.

Anti-Clog Solutions

One of the best ways to keep your gutter system working properly is to add a leaf trap at the downspout’s bottom. Now, when the water is flowing, the debris will be caught in the trap and it will protect the system from getting clogged. The debris from the trap can be easily removed even by you.

Our team at Gutter Empire has a team that is skilled and highly experienced in handling different gutter repair options. Whether it is broken spouts or corrosion, we can repair almost everything.

If you are confused about whether you should contact us or not, you can go through our customer reviews and you will find out why we are one of the best gutter repair service providers in Portland. Give us a call today to get an appointment for your gutter repair and we will be happy to help you in the most efficient manner.


Gutter repair in Portland depends on the type of repair, the size of the damaged area or areas, and your geographic location. The average price range falls between $179 – $560.

There are a couple of ways to repair a damaged gutter.

  • Applying sealants in the holes of the gutters, if found any.
  • Re-sloping the gutters.
  • Repairing the leaking downspout.
  • Cleaning the gutters in case there is debris clogged in it.