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How to Pick the Best Gutter Guards

June 10, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

You’ll find no shortage of gutter guards on the market. Every brand and every product promise they’re better than the next in some way. How else would they sell their product? The truth is, every homeowner has different needs for their gutters. What works well for one homeowner may fail the next. That’s why Gutter Empire offers a wide selection of leaf guards suitable for every home.

Types of Gutter Guards

There are three basic styles of guards to pick from when installing them in your home. Those styles include mesh, plastic screens, and leaf filters. Each gutter guard style has its own set of features and functions. Research this information and eliminate headaches when choosing the best guards for your home.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Many Portland homeowners install mesh leaf guards on their gutters. They choose mesh because it is inexpensive and easy to install. A plastic DIY mesh leaf guard design is available as an even more affordable option.

Plastic Screens

The basic style gutter guard is a plastic screen. It’s the perfect pick for homeowners with a restricted budget but who still want the added protection that guards offer. Plastic screens won’t keep all debris out, so consider the neighborhood and property type before choosing plastic screen guards.

Leaf Filters

Leaf filters come in assorted styles. They’re pricier than other gutter guard options but also offer the best gutter protection possible. Homeowners often install leaf filters when pine trees line their property and when excess rain causes trouble. Portland homeowners know these stories all too well.

Consider These Factors

Do not select a gutter guards system without first researching the options. It is best to speak to one of our gutter guard experts at Gutter Empire. We’ll never try to sell you products that you don’t want or need, but instead, help find the leaf guards most studied for your needs.

When choosing gutter guards, consider:

Material: Obviously, a metal guard is more robust, and durable than plastic and offers the best channel protection, but plastic guards can protect the home. Evaluate both the pros and cons of each material.

Costs: Determine a budget for gutter guards ahead of beginning the project. Stick to this budget as closely as possible. With a range of leaf guards in all price ranges, every homeowner has their choice of products.

Guarantees: Do the gutter guards include warranties or guarantees? Avoid buying guards without these protections in place. The more guarantees the guards offer, the better product you’re buying!

Portland homeowners trust us to provide them with sound solutions that protect their homes. We’d love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. Gutter Empire offers leaf guards for every need and budget. Call us today and let us help protect your channel system with quality gutter guards!