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Gutter Guards are an ideal way to protect the gutter system from getting clogged. When you have a gutter guard installed over your gutter system, it does not let leaves, twigs, or any other debris enter the gutter system and allows the water to flow smoothly through the gutter. If you are looking for a solution to protect your home from moisture attacks, then installing a gutter guard is the best option that you can have.

Homeowners usually do not consider paying heed to the health of their rainwater gutter system. You may think that your gutter system is working properly because it is not showing any signs of damage. But the reality is that the gutter system may have damages but it is not showing any signs yet.

Gutter systems require regular maintenance, especially in the unpredictable weather conditions of Portland. But somehow if you are not being able to clean and maintain the gutter system in the right way regularly, then one of the best ways is to get a gutter guard installed over the gutter system. The guards will protect the gutters from any unwanted elements such as debris so that the chances of drainage clogs reduces.

Apart from clogs, gutter guards also help in preventing any damage to the gutter system for a long time. Of course, different gutter guards work differently. But when you are in Portland, a gutter guard over your gutter system surely helps in keeping the gutter system protected from pine needles and other debris during heavy rainfalls in Portland.

Pine trees look immensely beautiful when they grow around your house, isnt it? But when the leaves from the tree fall into the gutter system, it clogs the drainage which leads to several damages to the house such as mold, rotting of the wood on the roof, seepage on the walls, and many others. So, let the pine trees remain around your house, and you can install a gutter guard on your gutter system so that the leaves do not enter the gutter system, causing the mentioned damage.

You can save so much money on maintenance and repair of the gutter system when you have installed gutter guards.

Gutter Guard Types


Screens are the most inexpensive option for gutter guards available today. These guards are either made up of plastic or wire and are installed to block the leaves from entering the gutter. You do not even require any tool to install this. But one of the major drawbacks of these guards is that they can get damaged and detached very easily, leaving the gutter system uncovered once again.

Micro Mesh

A Micro Mesh gutter guard works in a similar way to a screen. But the difference is that these guards are much more durable than the screen as they are made up of plastic and stainless steel. Micro mesh does not just block leaves but also fine grains of sand from entering the gutter system. Though these are permanent solutions, regular cleaning through scrubbing is required to remove the fine debris that gets attached to the hole of the mesh.

Reverse Curve

A reverse curve is much more efficient than a micro-mesh or a screen. It is manufactured of lightweight metal and can be also used in houses that are surrounded by yards of leafy trees. You need to install a reverse curve in a proper manner, otherwise, you will face the problem of water running over the edge and pests entering through the gap. Also, a reverse curve is more expensive than a screen and a micro mesh.


These are guards that can be easily installed inside the gutter system and are mostly inexpensive. This is the reason why many homeowners prefer to get this option as a DIY method. But it has been found that sometimes, leaves build up behind the bristles that are projecting from the guard. Hence, most experts do not consider using and suggesting this gutter guard for even residential purposes.


This particular gutter guard is made up of polyurethane and you need to insert this foam guard inside the gutter. This guard is one of the most efficient options because the foam just lets water enter the gutter, leaving other debris out. But the foam quality may start getting deteriorating much faster in areas such as Portland where the amount of rainfall is much higher. So, either you have to replace the foam guard every year or you may have to consider some other options.

How to choose a suitable Gutter Guard?

Material: The material will determine the quality of the gutter guard. Gutter guards made up of stainless steel are mostly used. Apart from stainless steel, other materials that are used for gutter guards are aluminum, copper, foam, and plastic.

Size: Gutter guards are available in different sizes. You will have to choose the right one based on the width of your home’s gutter system. You should also check the length of the gutter so that you can estimate the number of guards you will have to install.

Visibility: There are some gutter guards such as those that are made up of foam, will sit completely in the gutter, offering no visibility. But when you are getting Portland gutter guards that are made up of micro mesh, some other gutter guard types will be visible from the ground. So, you should get the one that matches the aesthetics of your home’s outdoors.

Most gutter guards are easy to install and you can do it on your own. But it is still always better to contact a professional because they know how to install the gutter guard in the best way.

Why should you choose us?

There are several gutter guard options available today that you can install on your own. But why take a chance when you have the professionals to install the gutter guard for you just perfectly? Enjoy residing in the beautiful weather of Portland while leaving the task of installing gutter guards on us, at Gutter Empire.

Portland receives as much as 43 inches of rainfall every year. This is high enough to damage the gutter system of your house if you have not maintained and protected it. Repairing your gutter system each year and cleaning it every season can be a costly affair. Hence, one of the cost-effective ways is to install a gutter guard instead. While installing a gutter guard may seem a big investment in the first place, it will save a lot of money that you would have wasted in installments otherwise.

We, at Gutter Empire, install such gutter guards that are efficient at catching hold of the tiniest debris so that just rainwater enters the gutter, avoiding any clogs. Once you have installed a quality gutter guard, you do not have to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of the gutter system throughout the year. We have offered several gutter guard installations till now and have come up with several happy and satisfied customers.

Gutter guards not just protect the gutter system from debris but also protects the structure of the gutter from getting damaged. You do not have to worry about how the gutter guard will look when you are getting the installation done from Gutter Empire. We will discuss with you the different types of Portland gutter guards that we have got and which one will be most suitable for your home’s aesthetic.

Wish to get a gutter guard that is efficient in its functions as well as stylish to look at to compliment your home’s exteriors? Get in touch with us through call or message and we will book a consultation as well as an estimate for gutter guard installation to help you understand better.