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How to Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters

August 5, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

The festive season is a happy time, and everyone wants to express their joy by lighting up the exterior of their home gutters. When you have gutters around your roof, it often gets tricky maintaining and decorating around it. While some people choose to stick the Christmas Lights on Gutters using duct tape, we have better and more effective solutions to lighten up the exterior of your house.


It’s important to measure the circumference of your roof so that you are not short on lights. Running to the store to get extra lights at the last minute not only stresses you out but there is a risk of price inflation or stocks running out. This will leave you with incomplete decoration around the house. Make sure you measure the circumference of your roof and always purchase an inch or two extra so you can tuck them in rather than have exposed corners.

Calculate the Light Wattage

While some people like extremely bright lights on the top of their roof, others prefer something subtle, so that their front yard stands out. Take your time to select the wattage you would be interested in and the brightness the lights would deliver.

Bulb Shape

Make sure you check the shape of the bulbs you plan on using. It makes a lot of sense to go in for larger-sized bulbs when targeting higher areas such as your roof. This is because they have an individuality, even from a distance.

Get Light Clips

If you are wondering how you will secure or fix Christmas Lights to your gutters, you need to get your hands on light clips that are invisible and very easy to place on gutters. They are available in multiple colors so try to choose one that matches the color of the wire.

When you plan and consider every little detail, you can end up sprucing up the outside of your home for the holiday season. Your gutters will never be a problem anymore.