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Repair Hail Damage for Your Gutter System

July 22, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Living in Portland, we’re so used to the constant rain that we hardly notice it anymore, at least until it starts hailing. Then everyone ducks for cover and heads for the nearest shelter. Hail has been known to damage cars, people, and homes, pelting your roofing and facade. But did you know your gutters are also at risk of hail damage? And when your gutters are damaged, that opens up your home to other kinds of water damage as your gutters are unable to cope with current and future storms. That’s why here at Gutter Empire, we’re committed to bringing you affordable, thorough gutter cleaning and repair in Portland, so you never have to worry about the health of your home.

Don’t Neglect Gutter Damage

If the hail is large enough and hard enough, it won’t be too difficult to tell if it’s damaged your gutters. Just look for the clearly visible dents in your gutter system. If you have a shingle roof, look for granules around your gutters and downspouts, and if you see more than usual, that’s likely a sign of hail damage. If you have gutters hanging loose from the siding of your home, that can also be a sign of severe hail damage. Unfortunately, dings and dents in your gutters often can’t be repaired, short of replacing the entire system. The only way to determine if this is necessary is with a thorough inspection from gutter specialists like our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. 

If you suspect your home’s gutters have been damaged by hail, then don’t wait until the next storm — and you have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the damage. Take a moment and visit our website or reach out to us here at Gutter Empire today and get your free estimate. That way, you can find out how you can keep your gutters in great condition year-round!