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Top 7 types of gutter hangers for houses

May 14, 2024 | by empiregutters

When we talk about gutter parts, we notice many parts like gutter guards, gutter downspouts, gutter hangers, etc. Today we will know more about gutter hangers.

A gutter hanger is a part used to attach gutters to a building's shape, typically to the fascia board or the roof rafters. It provides help and balance to the gutter system, ensuring that it remains securely in the area even during heavy rain or snow.

Gutter hangers in Portland are available in several designs and materials like steel or plastic. The choice of gutter hanger is based upon factors that encompass the form of the gutter system, the roof shape, weather situations, and aesthetic possibilities.

The major feature of a gutter hanger is to help the load of the gutter and its contents, like water and particles, and to save the gutter from sagging or pulling far away from the building. Proper setup of gutter hangers is crucial for keeping the integrity and effectiveness of the gutter gadget in directing water far from the building's basis and preventing water damage.

In this article, we're going to talk about all the gutter hanger types. This manual can assist you decide on what gutter hanger fits your home.

1. Spike and Ferrule Hangers

Spikes and ferrules hangers have been used as gutter hangers in Portland for a long time. They include mainly a long handle called a spike and a circular mechanism called a ferrule.

The installation process of this is pretty typical but still possible through the help of a professional. First, we drive the spike through the center of the gutter and into the fascia board. A small metal tube called a ferrule is inserted into the gutter hole. This ferrule provides reinforcements and prevents the spike from crushing the gutter material. The spikes are driven while giving it an angle. This ensures that there is a proper hold. Along the length of the gutter, these spikes are evenly placed.

The main benefits of using spike and ferrule hangers are that they are low-cost and they are simple. This makes them reach the masses and hence are a popular choice among the common people. They require very basic tools to install and hence are easily installable.

There are some drawbacks to this as well. Due to temperature changes the material of the gutter expands and contracts due to which gutter spikes can be lost and therefore the problem can occur again. These problems include the sagging of gutters, pulling away of gutters, etc. These gutter hangers in Portland also require proper hammering therefore should be done very carefully, or else fascia boards can get damaged.

2. Hidden hangers with clips

These hangers with clips are a more modern and popular type of gutter hangers in Portland which helps in providing a clean and clear design to the gutter system. It is as modern as the Valor Gutter Guards. These have a specific focus on the aesthetics of the home since they become invisible as they require installation inside the gutter.

These hangers are installed using a bracket that attaches inside the gutter and the clip then secures the hanger to the fascia board. The material that is used to make these gutter hangers in Portland is aluminum or stainless steel and therefore they give a long-lasting performance.

The main benefit of these hidden hanger gutter clips is that they have a nice aesthetic appeal. They are hidden inside the gutter and therefore they do not interfere with the outer look of the entire home while doing their original function of preventing sagging and proper drainage of rainwater.

These are easy to install and they are available in various sizes to accommodate all the types of gutter profiles that are available in the market. These gutter hangers in Portland might be a little expensive but since they have a nice aesthetic appeal and easy-to-install features they are still popular amongst many.

Besides the benefits of hidden hangers with clips, they have some drawbacks. They have a capacity of very less weight to hold and they come at a high price and therefore this also makes them a little incompatible to some users. Also they lack visibility which can be a pro but in some cases can also act like a con.

3. Bracket hangers

The most reliable and robust support system amongst all the gutter hanger types is this one, i.e. bracket hangers. These gutter bracket hangers involve the usage of metal rain gutter brackets which get attached to the fascia board as well as to the gutter. They are usually known for their sustainability and longevity.

The main feature of these rain gutter brackets is that they can distribute the weight of the gutter and the water and dust on the gutter evenly throughout the fascia board. This reduces the risk of sagging and pulling of gutters away from the building; these are especially used in areas of heavy rainfall and high snowfalls.

When we talk about the material and the design that is used to make bracket hangers, we are talking about one of the most sturdy materials available. Materials like aluminum steel and copper are used to make gutter bracket hangers. These metal gutter brackets also provide adjustment which helps in maintaining the angles of roof pitches and gutter configurations.

To install these gutter hangers in Portland, these gutter brackets are fastened to the fascia board using gutter hooks or bolts, then these are attached to the gutter using screws or rivets. Installing these with proper methods is very crucial because these gutter hangers are used in places where stability and durability are the topmost priority.

The most reliable can also have a drawback because nothing is completely perfect. Even if these hangers are of top-notch quality we cannot get the required stability and effectiveness if the gutter hanger is not installed properly. Therefore their installation becomes a very crucial point which cannot be messed up. Therefore these gutter hangers in Portland are used when durability, strength, and reliability are our requirements. Professional installation is suggested for these.

4. Snap-in hangers

When using screws and fasteners is not possible and installing gutter hangers in Portland is still necessary, snap-in hangers are the best choice at these places. These are easy to use, easy to install, and are made to snap or clip into the gutter.

These rain gutter hangers are helpful when we require a DIY installation. These gutter hangers in Portland don't require any special or professional kind of tools and can be installed with the help of the normal tools present at home.

These snap-in hangers can grip the gutters perfectly and ensure a secure fit because of their curved or hook-like design. These can accommodate multiple gutter profiles and are made of simpler materials compared to the bracket hangers. The materials used to make these hangers are aluminum vinyl or steel.

However, these snap-in hangers are not suitable for places that require sturdy and long-lasting gutter hangers in Portland since their materials are often not that high grade in quality. These cannot handle extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, etc. and therefore it is considered at places where easy installation is necessary and not much hard work is required.

5. Strap Hangers

When we talk about the gutter hangers in Portland that specialize in versatility and adjustments then strap hangers are the best choice. They go hand in hand with the Evelyn Leaf Solutions offering you a sleek versatile gutter system. They consist of a metal strap that wraps around the outside of the gutter and is later secured with the roof or the fascia board with the help of gutter hooks.

Strap hangers are mostly used for their flexible nature; these are used widely when there is a change in the gutter profile frequently and when roof pitches change a lot. Therefore these gutter hangers in Portland provide stability and prevent the sagging and pulling away of the gutter.

To install these strap hangers, we need to wrap the metal straps around the gutters and then secure them in place with screws and gutter clips and attach them to the fascia board or the roofs. These gutter hangers in Portland can also be adjusted so that a perfect positioning of the gutter system is achieved.

When we talk about the materials used in strap hangers, we require a durable material but at the same time flexible as well. These materials also do not corrode. Such materials include galvanized steel and aluminum. These hangers are used in places that require versatility, strength, and ease of installation particularly in an area with challenging roof configuration and weather conditions.

These hangers are pretty specific which is also their drawback. This cannot be used in cases where very heavy items need support. they're flexible nature can sometimes act as a barrier to becoming a good choice.

6. Continuous hangers

Usually rain gutter hangers provide support at a small interval throughout the length of the gutter. However, in the case of continuous hangers, a continuous amount of support is provided throughout the length of the gutter. The entire hanger passes through it uninterrupted.

To manufacture the continuous hangers, the material used is aluminum. These gutter hangers in Portland are directly attached to the fascia board using screws or other fasteners.

These gutter hangers in Portland look decent with their seamless design. Since they are continuous, they don't require any kind of joint which can cause leakage in the future. Their continuous construction also enhances the beauty and integrity of the gutter system.

The drawback that we face in these kinds of hangers is that whenever support is needed in a small region this may not be a good option. They have limited adjustability which makes it harder for them to accommodate with different sizes of gutters.

7. Roof hangers with clips

If we need gutter hangers in Portland that attach directly to the roof rather than the fascia board then roof hangers are a good choice. These hangers have a metal bracket which is designed especially according to the roof rafters which clips to them and holds the gutter in place.

There are cases when a fascia board is not a suitable place for gutter hangers in Portland. A roof hanger will be a good choice in that instance. Also when the roofs are steeply pitched, only roof hangers with clips are suitable in this situation. With these, the gutters are secured directly to the roof structure. These hangers help to distribute the weight of the gutter and all of its content which therefore reduces the sagging or damage.

These gutter hangers have a structure that requires a significant amount of space which may obstruct the overhead region and can also cause safety hazards if not installed properly. Therefore these hangers require a professional installation. Various gutter services offer this solution.