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10 Few Known Facts about Gutters and Downspouts

April 18, 2024 | by empiregutters

Your rain gutters and downspouts may not look that significant but did you know that these gutters have a deep psychological impact on the person observing your home, regarding your sanity and responsibility? Now that is a fact which you didn’t know about! Often gutters and different types of downspouts do get ignored by many people. We often encourage you to install the gutters and spend some time deciding its aesthetics. In this article, we will find 10 things that are rarely known to people regarding gutters and downspouts.

1. Ancient people gave significant importance to gutters

Archaeologists have found out that rain gutters and downspouts have been used for more than 1000 years. Sights like the Harappan civilization and Egyptian civilizations had well-functioning gutter systems. These gutter systems were made of materials that were less advanced than the present ones. But they still managed to preserve it for a long period since people gave significant importance to the gutter systems. Following all the precautions, choosing the right gutters and professional installation were the reasons for their proper and durable functionality.

PVC rain gutters and downspouts are pretty common when it comes to materials. Not only as a drainage rain gutters and downspouts were also used as a mode of irrigation and when combined with pure water, these were used for drinking water too.

2. Gutter Size Matters

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to rain gutters and downspouts. When water passes through the gutter, it has to go through the downspout. If a gutter, bigger than the required size, is selected, the downspout fails to channel the rainwater properly. This leads to overflow and pooling around the foundation.

The cost of bigger gutters and their installation is higher hence it is an overall financial loss too. On top of all of it, an off-sized gutter looks unpleasant to the eyes and may look odd which downgrades the overall look of the gutter system and home. The next challenge is how to clean rain gutters and downspouts. Because a bigger gutter will require more time to get cleaned.

Therefore it is very important to pay attention while measuring the dimensions required for the gutter installation.

3. Avoid Erosions with Gutters

When rainwater falls on the roof, it passes from the roof to the ground. The roofs get inclined at a specific pitch which directs the rainwater to flow on a specific part of the ground. The ground usually is sturdy and upholds everything but since the water gets collected at a specific place, there is a high chance that the soil degrades and causes soil erosion. Even though there are better ways to prevent soil erosion, Rain gutters and downspouts also reduce the cases of soil erosion.

All the rainwater flows down from the roof and then would fall directly to the ground but if the rain gutters and downspouts are attached, the rainwater gets a proper pathway to flow instead of falling directly on the ground. This allows very little rainwater to fall on the ground or around the foundation and hence reduces the chances of soil erosion. In case there is any sanity issue in the gutters, then you should follow the steps of how to clean rain gutters and downspouts.

4. Gutters and Gargoyles

During medieval times, there was a trend of making designs on gutters by carving them out. As we talked earlier, rain gutters and downspouts have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the house and also affect the way a person judges the building. Hence in the medieval period, gutters were carved in the form of Gargoyles.

These gargoyles were designed in such a way that they had open ends in their mouths which discharged water as if the gargoyle was spitting fire. It was an interesting aesthetic concept and is still found in many historical places. It gave off that eerie and royal finish to the overall rain gutters and downspouts.

5. Copper and its Green Luster

Rain gutters and downspouts are made of various kinds of materials. Wood, Aluminum, PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC), Plastic, Steel, and Copper are the most commonly used materials. These materials are durable and help us in the sustainability of the gutter system. Usually, pvc rain gutters and downspouts are common.

Out of all these materials, Copper gutters have a unique property. When Copper rain gutters and downspouts are made, they have a natural shine. That shine makes it look very pleasing and enhances the overall look of the house. With time, a green patina develops on its surface which makes it lustrous.

If we dig deeper, we find out that copper starts to react with the oxygen in the air and forms copper oxide. This copper oxide continues to react with carbon dioxide and water in the air to form an ionic coating of blue-green patina over its surface and therefore gives the green luster.

6. Gutters have a musical taste

Did you know that the rain gutters and downspouts which are made of metals have a specific sound? These are mainly observed during rainfall when raindrops hit the gutters with a specific speed and generate a tone. Many musicians observed this phenomenon. They made various compositions on this and ended up making beautiful rainwater rhythms and gutter echoes. This is one of the great ways to connect nature with the human infrastructure, i.e. rain gutters and downspouts, and develop a new taste of music.

7. They help you in Rainwater Harvesting

Rain gutters and downspouts are an effective way to channel your rainwater. When combined with rainwater harvesting structures, they end up being the essential parts of sustainable water control techniques.

Rainwater harvesting includes collecting and storing rainwater for later use, lowering reliance on municipal water resources. Rain gutters and downspouts play a critical function in this system by effectively collecting rainwater as it flows off the roof and directing it closer to downspouts.

Further, rainwater undergoes filtration to put off debris before allowing it into storage tanks. Filtration can also include the usage of gutter guards. These tanks can be installed above or underneath the ground. From there, the harvested rainwater can be utilized for numerous purposes, such as irrigation or non-potable indoor use.

The integration of rain gutters and downspouts with rainwater harvesting structures offers several benefits. It conserves water and also lowers the bills. Additionally, it helps to save you from flooding and erosion by managing rainwater efficiently.

8. DIY Installations can be tragic

DIY installation of rain gutters and downspouts can cause multiple dangers and complex situations, making it very important to opt for a professional. Firstly, Safety issues are a task. Working at heights without the right system or training will increase the danger of falls and injuries. Professionals, ready with protection systems and experience, can navigate such demanding situations efficiently.

Ensuring the suitable alignment, measurements, and sealing of rain gutters and downspouts needs precision and information. DIY fans may additionally lack the important skills, leading to an incorrect installation which ends up in leaks, water harm, and structural issues. Professionals, versed with the information of gutter installation, ensure an intensive and complete result.

Improper gear additionally makes DIYs riskier. Without specialized devices, DIYers can struggle to achieve the required perfection for a durable installation of rain gutters and downspouts. Professionals together with the proper tools provide effective and long-lasting consequences. Therefore it is better to contact a professional.

9. Not every downspout is a functional downspout

Downspouts nowadays are incorporated into the general design aesthetic of homes, adding charm and character to their exteriors. Not only one should know how to install rain gutters and downspouts but one also understands its aesthetic implementation.

Architects and designers apply diverse techniques to convert rain gutters and downspouts into decorative elements. Intricate scrollwork, elegant curves, and decorative motifs also come under the designs of downspouts, turning them into visually hanging features that decorate the building's facade.

Downspouts are sometimes custom-designed to complement the architectural style of the building, whether it is classic or modern. By combining different design elements along with home windows and doorways, ornamental downspouts contribute to the visually attractive outdoors.

Rain gutters and downspouts can be crafted from materials like stone, ceramic, or glass to enhance their decorative appeal. These innovative designs not only add beauty to buildings but also showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of architects and designers.

Ultimately, ornamental downspouts serve as reminders that even useful elements can be converted into works of art that enhance the aesthetics of architectural spaces.

10. Downspouts are your gardens

If you know about different types of downspouts then this one's for you. Downspout gardens are creative and space-friendly gardening solutions that utilize the vertical space provided through downspouts to develop vegetation, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. These gardens are particularly famous in city environments where the outdoor region is constrained to apartment homes, townhouses, or small yards.

The concept of gardens made of rain gutters and downspouts includes attaching planters or pots directly to the perimeters of downspouts which creates vertical planting surfaces effectively. This process is done after you have a clear idea of how to install rain gutters and downspouts correctly.

Further, these planters are filled with soil and planted with several flowers, which are selected according to the available sunlight and growing environment. From colorful plant life to aromatic herbs, gardens made of rain gutters and downspouts offer endless possibilities for gardeners to demonstrate their creativity and establish a cultivation within a small region.

Beyond their functional benefits, downspout gardens also provide aesthetic enhancements. They provide a pleasant experience and visual beauty to the home.

With proper care and protection, downspout gardens can flourish, bringing life and vitality to city environments and enriching the lives of people. Whether you are a professional gardener or a beginner enthusiast, a downspout lawn is a fun and worthwhile project that permits you to make the most of your downspouts.

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