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The Impact of Leaky Gutters

February 28, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Keeping your property in great shape is essential, but it’s not always obvious what you should be doing. Sometimes some issues seem like a relatively minor problem until disaster strikes and you realize how important they were. Leaky gutters, for example, don’t concern too many people. So the gutters leak – does it matter? The answer, of course, is that yes, it matters. It matters quite a bit. You wouldn’t want electrical issues, shabby furniture, or even faulty appliances, would you? These are a few concerns caused by damaged gutters. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of leaky gutters on your home. That way, you can understand the importance of getting gutter repairs for your Portland home.

  1. Roof Damage

If you hear pitter-patter from your roof, more than likely, there’s something wrong with your gutter. Water will collect on your top, and when it gets heavy enough, it will begin to seep through your ceiling. Gutters exist to help water drain off and away from your home. Sometimes, they detach from the roof. The downspout may cause this. When the water hits the gutters, in other words, it should be sent streaming far enough away from your home that water damage isn’t an issue. When they are leaky, however, they’re not doing their job correctly. Leaky gutters in Portland can lead to severe damage, including roof damage. As the water pools and drips instead of smoothly draining away, wood rot can begin to occur around the roof and eventually lead to costly repairs. Roofs can start to leak, which can cause interior home damage. Mold can also be an issue in your roof. These things lessen the lifespan on a roof that is meant to last at least 20 years. You may need to replace shingles as well as the roof. Other things to check for are damaged roof vents or soffits that are coming loose. Step flashing or rusted chimney flashing are also signs of water damage. If you have an attic, check for clogged or dirty soffits.

  1. Property Damage

In addition to the roof damage mentioned above, leaky gutters can result in foundation damage. Foundation damage lowers your property value and makes it difficult to sell your home. If water can simply pool where it lands rather than being swept away and leaving your home in safety, it will eventually cause damage. The remedy isn’t quick or easy, whether that translates to mold in the basement or attic, cracks in the foundation, soil erosion, deck or porch damage, driveway or concrete damage, siding, or even mosquito infestations. Mold can be harmful to your health, causing skin irritation and allergies. It can be hazardous to your wallet, sometimes more than $5000. What’s even more costly is a foundation that shifts due to water damage. It can cost up to $15,000.

  1. Collapsing Gutters

Finally, leaky gutters can eventually lead to gutters that collapse. Sometimes debris or water can cause the brackets to break, making the gutter collapse. This, in turn, can damage your roof as well as any part of the house hit on their way down. It can also hurt a passerby. Unless you’ve had your gutters for a long time, this can be an indication of your gutter holding too much water. Sectional gutters are more prone to collapse, especially with strong winds and storms. Gutters in Portland, OR, serve an essential purpose, and that should be to keep your home safe from the elements, not to damage it.

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