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Everything about Structural Integrity of Gutters

August 13, 2021 | by Dmitriy Murza

Gutters are a water management tool that redirects water from damaging your home. They’re functional, stylish, but most importantly they have incredible structural integrity. Here at Gutter Empire, we install 5k, 6k, and fascia-style gutters. All look beautiful on your home, but the design is what makes them last to the heavy rains and heavy winds. 5k and 6k gutters are the same, except that 6k gutters are able to hold more water. The 6k style is 5 inches tall in the back, 4 inches long on the bottom, and is 6 inches wide at the top. This ensures that these gutters can stand up to heavy rains and intense water flow. The front is designed with curves and edges to give it more structural integrity, so it won’t fall from your home.

Fascia-style gutters are a different design but still have that same structural integrity. This style has a curve in the middle front and back of the gutter, adding more surface area to the gutter. More surface area equals more structural integrity.

While these gutters are different, they all have one thing in common: they each have a curved lip at the front of the gutter. This is how we install our premium hangfast brackets. These brackets have a curved front that attaches to the front lip of each style of gutter. Then, it is screwed in the back of the gutter above the waterline, so water will never reach the screws and the gutter will stay up strong on your home. We also install these brackets every two feet, so your gutter stands up to the heavy winds and rains. 

Gutters on most homes are installed with long nails that are nailed through the front of the gutter. This creates a hole through your gutter, allowing water to leak out of the front of the gutter. They are also installed every three feet instead of two feet. Unlike screws, nails don’t secure as well to your fascia board. This causes these types of gutter systems to pull away from your home. Our premium hangfast brackets hold the system up strong without putting a hole through the front of your gutter, and our screws secure the brackets into the fascia board.