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Should You Install Gutters Yourself?

May 13, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Without gutters in place, your Portland home is at-risk of significant rain and water damage. Every Portland home needs the protection that gutters offer since they prevent foundation damage, roofing damage, and prevent issues with mold growth. However, think twice before installing gutters yourself.

Professionals exist because they know more about gutters than the average person. Watching a few YouTube videos cannot compare to the extensive knowledge that specially trained experts bring to the job.  When professionals install gutters on your home, there is a peace of mind and comfort you don’t find during a DIY job.

Sure, DIY gutters installation seems great from the outside looking in, but once you discover the disadvantages you learn that all isn’t as great as it seems. Among the disadvantages of choosing DIY gutters installation:


A lack of knowledge concerning gutters is the start of problems for homeowners who attempt DIY jobs. Without the expertise that professionals bring to the job, the gutter may be incorrectly installed or endure other mishaps along the way. Professionals bring expertise to gutters installation, reducing the odds of incorrect installation or other concerns. Installing gutters isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Wrong Gutters

With an array of gutter types and styles, choosing the best type of gutters for your home is challenging. Without assistance from experts who fill you in on pros, cons, and other information, choosing the wrong gutters happens. The wrong gutters fail to provide the protection the home needs to maintain integrity against rain and water damage. You may also choose the wrong gutter guards during a DIY job.

Money Matters

Professional gutter installation is inexpensive, although certainly costlier than DIY work. However, you get what you pay for and the money that you save quickly dissipates, especially if the gutters are incorrectly installed.  The long-term savings offered when professionals install gutters make the initial costs worth the extra dollars.


Installing gutters usually requires you to climb on top of the house. Once you finally after a ladder (and other supplies needed for DIY gutters installation,) you must master the next task. Climbing on to the roof is risky and dangerous for the average person. Spending the next few weeks in the hospital suffering from an injury simply isn’t worth saving a few bucks.

At Gutter Empire, we bring expertise and peace of mind to every gutter installation job.  Our highly-trained technicians deliver quality, yet affordable gutter installation to Portland homeowners. Request your quote and free estimate today.