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Reasons why to Choose Copper Gutters

August 19, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

The term gutters may not be the most interesting. But they are indeed important unless you are wishing for a drought. It’s vital to have good quality gutters to protect your roof and ensure the water drains out properly. Copper gutters have become a new trend these days. And people are looking at them as a piece of jewelry for their homes.

Price Factor

Copper gutters and downspouts cost almost triple the cost of a regular gutter. However, there is a catch. A brass gutter system is more likely to outlive you. The average lifespan of these gutters is 60 years, and if you maintain them properly, they could easily last you a century. This is because gutters do not rust. While vinyl, aluminum, and steel gutters may need to be replaced every two decades, brass gutters turn out to be an affordable option when you calculate your yearly costs. Let’s not forget that gutters add an elegant charm to your home, making it look classy and stylish.

Will It Blend With My Home?

The good thing about brass gutters is that they are versatile and will blend well with any house setting. Whether you have a modern design or a vintage home, copper gutters will blend in perfectly and make your home look pretty.

Maintaining Copper Gutters

It’s important to regularly clean all the debris from copper gutters just as you would with other brass gutters. The color of these gutters tends to change over time, so you can use soft plastic tools to clean it so that it gets back its natural shine. Some people prefer the blue & green pattern that gutters get as they age. You could also use a protective layer to maintain its luster.

All in all, copper gutters are worth the investment, and you should look for the right solution today.