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Repurposing Rain Gutters

April 16, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Don’t toss out those old rain gutters; repurpose them instead. With many ideas that quickly turn old rain gutters into valuable pieces, you cannot go wrong when letting your creative juices flow and repurpose those old, worn-out, or outdated gutters. Any Portland homeowners who’ve recently repaired/replaced their gutters or those considering the project in the future may enjoy the repurposing ideas below. Let the DIY repurposing fun begin!

Shoe Organizer

So many of us are guilty of having too many pairs of shoes! If you’re amongst the names of people, organize your shoe haul using a creative rain gutter hanger. This simple-to-create organizer can easily be placed on the door or in the closet of any bedroom in the house.

Hanging Planters

Hang cut-off gutters outside on your porch after decorating and attaching the appropriate lining. Planters easily display your colorful flowers and beautiful plants for friends, family, and Portland neighbors to see as they drive past.

Amazing aesthetic beauty is yours with hanging flowers and plants. Repurpose old gutters and plant more flowers!


Turn old rain gutters into bookshelves for the children’s room! Old rain gutters easily attach to the wall where they hold all of the kid’s favorite books and other small knick-knacks.

Repurposing rain gutters into bookshelves saves both time and space. They’re easy to paint and decorate in your choice of designs and colors with minimal time or effort necessary for the project.

Picnic Table Cooler

Summer get-togethers of many laughs and good t to friends and families, but keeping beverages cool while enjoying the warm outdoor weather poses a challenge for many people. Use an old rain gutter to resolve the problem. Repurpose the old rain gutter into an in-table cooler for instant cold beverage refreshment when you’re outdoors.

Wall Display / Storage

Placing several gutters in a vertical row along the wall in the kitchen provides a great storage solution for items.

For it such as spices are needed during food preparation and cooking. Used along the walls in other rooms, old rain gutters serve as great display units for a variety of items you might wish to show off in your home. Or as storage for arts and crafts supplies, sewing materials, and much more.

Sidewalk Edgings

Install rain gutters alongside the sidewalk/walkway to your home and then add colorful rocks, flowers, and plants. Your choice of creative landscaping items to the gutters creates a beautiful display on the exterior of your home. This unique idea adds an abundance of curb appeal to your property!