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Cleaning Mistakes That Could Lead to Disaster

December 14, 2023 | by empiregutters

Gutter cleaning is an essential house maintenance task, especially before the onset of rain or winter. If you reside in Portland, where the weather is highly unpredictable, you should not take chances of leaving the gutters as it is. Regular cleaning of the gutters is necessary to keep damages and seepages at bay. Clean gutters will let the rainwater flow smoothly to the ground, keeping the house roof and walls safe from seepage.

At one glance, removing debris from the house's gutter may sound quite an easy task. But the house owners who actually deal with this task on a regular basis know how daunting it is. Not following the right guide and committing errors not only damage the gutter system but can also harm you. Many individuals even do not wish to take risks and hand over the task to the experts of gutter cleaning in Portland.

But if you wish to do the gutter cleaning task all by yourself, then you should be aware of the ways to clean gutters properly. You may find several guides stating how to clean gutters over the internet, but you must know the mistakes to avoid. These mistakes can be fatal at times for you and the properties. So, it is always better to avoid these mistakes and learn the right cleaning procedures.

Here, we will discuss such mistakes that can cost you heavily in terms of gutter damage or even accidents.

Not Cleaning the Gutters Frequently

Leaves, twigs, and other debris keep on accumulating in the gutter during different rain, autumn, or even in the winter. Cleaning the gutter once a year is a huge mistake in such a case. When a huge bulk of debris accumulates in the gutter, it leads to slow water seepage leading to house roof and wall damage. Also, not cleaning the gutter frequently can cause damage to the gutter.

So, you should make a schedule for cleaning the gutter frequently. One of the best ways is to clean the gutter before and after the rain showers. Also, you should clean the gutter before the onset of winter. When the snow accumulates in dirty and blocked gutters, it causes moisture to seep into the walls causing damage. Create a calendar to clean the gutter regularly to avoid such issues.

Cleaning at the Wrong Time

Cleaning at the wrong time is another major mistake that most homeowners do. The gutter’s function is to guide the rainwater or snow water to the ground to protect the house roof and walls from moisture damage. However, the water cannot flow smoothly if there is debris in the gutter’s path. Hence, keeping the gutter system clean before showers or snow is extremely important.

The summers and autumns are the seasons when the wind blows carrying leaves and twigs to the house roof. So, just before the onset of winter or rain is exactly the time when you should take charge of cleaning the gutter.

Not Wearing Proper Gear

Accidents are quite common in a gutter cleaning process if you are not wearing proper safety gear. So many things can happen like you can slip and fall from the ladder or something can pierce your hands while removing the debris. So, you should wear proper rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes to protect yourself from such accidents

Also, on rare occasions, a bug may fly and fall into your eyes causing severe conditions. Hence, wearing protective eye gear is another essential thing to do while you clean your gutters.

Not Maintaining Ladder Safety

A ladder is an eminent tool that you require for cleaning the gutters. However not following proper ladder safety can cause severe accidents such as slips and falls. Such accidents can cause serious bone fractures and even deaths.

Always check the ladder before using it. The base of the ladder should be sturdy to avoid any slips. Make sure the steps are not loose, otherwise, you may lose balance while working on the ladder. Also, always work while standing in the center of the ladder. Often going extreme left or right can cause disbalance and you may fall and get injured seriously.

The Right Tools

Cleaning the gutter by hand is old school now. There are tools available today that are helpful in the cleaning process. Of course, there are still people who do the job by hand, using cleaning tools speeds up the process and offers a much cleaner surface. For example, using a small vacuum cleaner cleans up the debris along with dust on the roof. Similarly, a jet-pressure water tool cleans up marks and soiled surfaces well.

It is quite obvious that you may not have these tools at home always. In such a case, you can always consider calling a professional gutter cleaner. These cleaners will come with high-tech cleaning tools and will use expert practices to complete the task.

Gutter Guards

If you do not want your house gutters to get messy every month, then one of the best ways is to get a gutter guard. Leaves and twigs falling on the roof are one of the most common reasons for having a dirty gutter. So, if a guard is there to protect the gutter from such debris, the gutter will get less dirty.

Talk to a specialist to understand the type of gutter guard suitable for your house. Also, these experts will install the gutter guard carefully and will guide you through several gutter guard maintenance and gutter cleaning tricks.

Doing it all Alone

One of the most dangerous mistakes that many individuals make is to attempt to do the cleaning all alone. Getting onto the ladder to reach the house’s ladder for cleaning is itself a risky task. When professionals arrive, they have a team for the task. Also, the professionals wear proper safety gear to clean the gutter. So, when you are cleaning your house gutter, you should not be alone.

Always get someone who can hold the ladder at the bottom so that you do not lose balance. Also, if something happens to you such as an accident while cleaning, there should be someone who can attend to the wound and offer you first aid at the earliest.

Misplaced Downspout

While keeping the gutters clean, you should also check the gutter’s downspout location. The downspout is responsible for draining out the gutter’s water to the ground. But if the downspout is placed near the house’s wall or windows, the moisture enters the house causing damage and seepage. Thus, you should always keep the downspout far away from the house structure.

Experts say, ideally you should keep the downspout at least 3 feet away from the house structure. If you make this mistake, you can experience seepage and damage even when the gutter is clean.


While you are cleaning the gutter, you might try to reach out to difficult places to clean properly. It is a great idea to clean the entire gutter properly, but this can cause accidents many times. So, you should act smart in place of overreaching somewhere. For example, if you are cleaning at a place and you think there is some dirt on your extreme right side, you should shift your ladder to the right to reach the place. Many individuals try to reach the spot from a single place, causing falls and accidents

Also, the use of potential tools is of great help in cleaning so that you do not have to attempt over-reaching while cleaning. If you think that you are not able to clean the entire gutter properly because it is out of your reach, you should rather call the experts for the cleaning.

Using the wrong Products

Many individuals are not satisfied with just removing the debris and using the wrong products in the cleaning session. Often wet leaves may leave a mark on the gutter body, tempting you to clean them. At times, scrubbing may not be helpful in stain removal and this is when you may think of trying different products.

While some products may work well, some chemicals on the other hand may cause damage to the gutter body. Cleaners with acidic nature can destroy the material and the gutter may get damaged slowly. So, ultimately you may have to invest more money in getting a new gutter system. In place of such instances, it is much better to hire experts for gutter cleaning in Portland.

Not Calling the Experts

Often many individuals ignore calling the experts to save money. On the contrary, it may cause trouble, money loss, and accidents if you do not have practice at gutter cleaning. Not cleaning the right way may not clean the mess completely and trying dangerous reach-outs may cause accidents and severe injuries. If you do not wish to spend money on hospital bills, it is much more convenient to call upon a professional for gutter cleaning in Portland.

How are professionals in gutter cleaning in Portland helpful?

There can be enormous mistakes that homeowners make while cleaning their house gutters. One of the ways to avoid such mistakes is to get in touch with professional gutter cleaning in Portland for the task.

Experience in Gutter Cleaning:

The most important thing that you require in a proper gutter cleaning is experience. You should know the techniques of cleaning the gutter properly. Debris combined with rainwater and snow cause stains on the gutter body that is hard to remove. But you can get rid of them with proper cleaning techniques. Cleaning experts have fruitful cleaning techniques and offer a gutter free from stains and debris after the cleaning session.

High-tech Tools:

You require potential tools to accomplish proper gutter cleaning. Professionals for gutter cleaning in Portland have innovative cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners to suck in all the debris, jet water to clean stains and dust, and many more. Also, the cleaners have products and chemicals that are useful in cleaning without causing any damage to the gutter body.

Safety Measures:

One of the major reasons why you should not try gutter cleaning yourself is because of the accidents that may happen. You may fall from the ladder while over-reaching somewhere or may get hurt while cleaning the debris with your hands. Gutter cleaning firms maintain proper safety measures to avoid such accidents. The experts wear gloves, safety kits, and carry relevant ladders to complete the work safely.


What happens when you meet with an accident while cleaning the gutter and damage any property? Of course, you have to bear the costs because it is your house. But when the professionals for gutter cleaning in Portland damage any property during the cleaning session, the firm will compensate you. So, this is another great reason why hiring the gutter cleaning experts in Portland is a great idea in place of doing the cleaning by yourself.

Repair and Maintenance:

If you get in touch with a good gutter cleaning firm, the professionals will not just clean but will also maintain the gutter. The professionals will check out the condition of the gutter while cleaning and will report you correctly. They will tell you about the damages, if any, and will offer a solution. If any repair is needed and you wish to know more about it, the experts will send you a detailed email about the repair job and quotation.

Many homeowners today prefer to clean their home gutters themselves in Portland. But there are also many accident cases accidents during the cleaning sessions. Most accidents happen due to mistakes that the homeowners commit while cleaning the gutter. Also, some mistakes may lead to the gutter damage or not getting a completely clean gutter.

While avoiding such mistakes and following a proper procedure can enhance the gutter cleaning experience, it is better to get expert help. Experts for gutter cleaning in Portland are experienced and offer the best cleaning experience. Also, the experts suggest maintaining the gutter to avoid heavy debris accumulation and other factors.