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4 Problems with Micro Mesh Gutter Guards & Solution

January 3, 2024 | by empiregutters

Not cleaning the home gutters regularly and properly leads to water leakage and damage. But cleaning the gutters is a risky task, especially when you are trying to do this task all alone. Despite many gutter cleaning service providers available, many homeowners prefer to do it themselves to save cost.

Gutter cleaning is not a yearly matter. You should frequently clean the gutters, especially before and after rain and snow. So, you may have to clean home gutters at least 2 to 3 times a year. Of course, not everyone is capable of paying the cleaning company 2 to 3 times a year. So, most homeowners prefer to do the cleaning on their own.

There are so many accidents that take place while home gutter cleaning. People may slip and fall from the ladder on which they have climbed for the cleaning. Also, people may face several other accidents such as getting hurt by something from the dirt accumulated in the gutter. Moreover, not taking precautionary measures will lead to accidents and even death.

One of the solutions to stay away from frequent gutter cleaning is to install a gutter guard. But today, many gutter guard options claim to offer the best solutions. One such gutter guard type is the micro mesh gutter guard.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Stainless steel gutter guards with a micromesh filter are one of the most common options available for gutter protection. Manufacturers and sellers of mesh gutter guards state these are easy to install and compatible with different roofs.

So, how does a mesh guard work?

The micro-mesh works as a filter while water drips into the gutter. The mesh catches all the debris like leaves and twigs, and plain water enters the gutter. Thus, when the gutter is debris-free, it remains clog-free. In such a situation, cleaning the gutter just once a year is enough.

While micro gutter guards in Portland are a great help in unpredictable weather conditions, it does not offer a completely stress-free life to homeowners. While the mesh guards work as a proper guard system, there are problems that homeowners should know about in advance.

Mesh Gutter Guard Types

Micro gutter guards in Portland are available in two major types and these are:

The Flat Style

This styled gutter guard is installed at the top of the roof gutter.

The Slanted Style

The slanting in style is installed under the shingle. You will require the help of professionals to install this guard in the correct position to get the appropriate slope for the water flow.

When you take suggestions from a professional, they will suggest a guard type after checking out the roof structure and gutter type. Whatever gutter guard you are installing, there will be some problems in each of them.

Problems with Micro Mesh Gutter Guards and Solutions

Here are the four problems you might face in different micromesh gutter guards.

Problem 1 - Accumulated Dirt or Water Missing the Gutter

You are wrong if you think that you do not have to clean the gutters after installing a gutter guard mesh product. If you have installed a flat-style gutter guard, debris like leaves and twigs accumulate fast on them. Due to the flat structure, wind cannot carry away the debris, leaving the gutter guard extremely dirty. So, you will have to clean the guard now and then.

When you install a slanted-style gutter guard at the wrong angle, the water misses the gutter and flows directly on the ground, causing even more trouble.

The Solution to the Problem 1

Most professionals will suggest the use of a slanted-style mesh gutter guard. The slanted style does not let much debris sit on the guard top due to its slope. Also, the water flows easily to the ground.

But the slanted style guard can also cause trouble if you don't install it correctly. You need to install the gutter guard at a proper angle to get the right slope for the water to flow to the ground through the gutter. But when you don't install it correctly, the water may fall directly on the ground. When such a thing happens, the water may splash on the walls, causing dampness.

In such a case, the right way is to leave the task to the professionals. Contact experts for installing micro mesh gutter guards in Portland. The professionals will arrive and inspect the roof first to understand and calculate the right angle at which the gutter guard should be placed. Also, the professional brings in proper gadgets for measurements and installation. They know which angle will be perfect for your gutter guard. Also, if the professionals don't install the gutter guard appropriately, you can claim any damage that has happened. Most service providers in Portland offer insurance for any property damage during the work or because of wrong installation later on.

Problem 2 - Micro Mesh is Light Weight

The weight of the micro mesh is another crucial issue. The micro-mesh guards are light in weight. So, if you don't clean the debris for a long time, the excess weight of the debris can rupture the mesh. When such a thing happens, the mesh will fall directly into the gutter, clogging the gutter, in an even worse way.

The Solution to the Problem 2

Cleaning is a good habit that can also help you in solving the above problem. Do not let the debris sit for long on the mesh guard. You can use a broom to remove the excess debris from the guard top to keep the mesh guard free from excess weight. When you have a gutter guard, you will not require extensive gutter cleaning sessions. The gutter guards save you from extra cleaning effort and money. All you need to do is to take a small initiative of casually cleaning up the debris from the guard top to keep things going well for a long time.

Problem 3 - Lack of Durability

Along with light weight, durability is another major issue in the micro mesh guards. Any intended or unintended accident can cause damage to the mesh. For example, if someone throws a rock on the roof or if a bird sits on the mesh, these can cause damage to the mesh. When such a thing happens, the debris and dirt can enter the gutter, ultimately causing clogging.

The Solution to the Problem 3

Most homeowners install micro mesh guards because they are fancier than other gutter guard options. But when you stay at a location where your roof is prone to incidents like birds perching or similar activities, you require something more durable. A perforated gutter guard will be more appropriate in such a case. These guards are more durable than the mesh guards so you do not have to worry about damage.

But if you cannot compromise with your choice and you wish to keep the mesh guard only for your roof, the next option is to keep a check on your guard. Keep checking and maintaining your mesh guard after 2 to 3 months to keep things on track.

Problem 4 - Choosing the Wrong Material

While mesh gutter gutters are made up of stainless steel, there are also micro mesh gutter guards in Portland available that are made up of plastic. Now, the problem with the plastic body is that it does not sit in the gutter structure properly, causing several problems such as decay or even damaged gutter.

The Solution to the Problem 4

Quite obviously, the best solution to this problem is not to compromise with the gutter guard body material. While plastic guards may come cheap in terms of price, they will cost you in terms of damages. Hence, if you wish to stay safe from long-term expenses, then stainless steel guards are the best option to go with.

To get the stainless steel gutter guards, check out different vendors and get quotes from them. Compare the prices in respect of quality and services to get reliable products at the best price.


Gutter guards are going to promise you a lot. But do they offer the kind of reliability that you expect? This is one of the biggest questions that most homeowners have. Mesh gutter guards claim to offer gutter protection without compromising aesthetics. But again, the question remains the same about durability and reliability.

If you notice thoroughly, you will find that investing in a gutter guard will not offer much return even when they claim so. The mesh guards are vulnerable to environmental variables and are not very durable. Investing in some gutter guard types may make you compromise with the aesthetics. Hence, one of the best ways is to call upon the professionals to understand better the micro mesh gutter guards in Portland.

Most professionals will suggest regular cleaning of the gutter in place of investing in a gutter guard. Of course, if there is a requirement for gutter protection, then the experts will help you select the appropriate gutter guard. Also, these professionals will advise you on the maintenance of the gutter guards to make them stay longer.