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How Defective Gutters can Lead to Foundation issues?

October 21, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Can a defective gutter system cause problems with your home’s foundation? After all, aren’t rain gutters more about protecting your roof? The truth is that gutters are a system of protecting your entire home from water damage, not just your roof. It would be best if you had both gutters and downspouts that are correctly and professionally installed to guarantee that your home will be safe from the wet and rainy climate of Portland.

What happens when you have a Defective Gutter?

When a defective gutter system is present in your home, it does not efficiently divert water away from your home. Clogs can develop more quickly, forcing water to spill out of the sides. Standing water will start pooling around your foundation, causing erosion and saturating the soil around your foundation. Over time, cracks will form, and water will flood in. Even a tiny amount of water can be a concern to turn into defective gutters, as it can create a more humid environment that allows dangerous molds to thrive.

What is the solution to Defective Gutter?

You can do your home inspection to see if your gutters might be causing foundation problems. Look for sagging and cracked walls in the basement, indicating that the foundation is settling or even sinking. Be attentive to whether your doors and windows are sticking more frequently, as this could indicate a shifting foundation. A trained eye may be necessary to spot problems with the gutter system itself. Look for downspouts pointing at the wrong angle and listen for noisy gutters or observe gutters that appear to be spilling more water than they are draining to identify clogged gutters.

Protecting your home’s foundation is just one of the reasons it’s essential to clean your gutters. Clean gutters help ensure the long-term safety and value of your home, so contracting a professional gutter cleaning service is always a worthwhile investment.