Are Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Infesting Your Home’s Gutters?

Gutters inevitably clog with leaves, branches, mulch, and other debris. But those aren’t the only hazards that can end up trapped in your home’s gutters if you’re not careful. Dangerous and aggressive pests like bees, wasps, and hornets can infest your gutters, potentially posing a risk to any outdoor activities around your home — and opening the door to the pests invading the inside of your home. At Gutter Empire, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with affordable and comprehensive gutter cleaning services in Portland, ensuring that you can enjoy your home without any worries.

How Do I Get Rid of Wasps in My Gutters

As fall ends and winter begins, pests drive to find new places to shelter. If rotting debris clogs your gutters, it creates a giant blinking neon sign for stinging insects. These pests prefer to nest in sheltered, moist places — and clogged gutters fit the bill. As a result, these pests are one of the most common infestations of gutters. If you’ve noticed an uptick in the number of bees, wasps, or hornets, and especially if they seem to favor a particular area of your home or yard, then there’s almost certainly a nest not too far away. 

If you suspect aggressive pests have infested your home’s gutters, don’t wait until you or one of your family members gets stung. Annual gutter cleanings should be your first line of defense against the buildup of debris that can become nests for pests. And to keep your gutters clean, Gutter Empire is proud to offer a range of gutter guards for Portland weather so that you never have to worry about your gutters becoming a breeding ground for pests. So, visit our website or give Gutter Empire a call today to get your free estimate and find out how you can keep your gutters free of dangerous pests!