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Are Leaf Guards Worth It?

March 13, 2020 | by Dmitriy Murza

Some people contemplate whether or not they should install gutter guards to protect their gutter. While many people believe that a gutter guard does not make any sense and it is an additional expense, the truth is these guards turn out to be a great benefit for various reasons. One of the main reasons these gutter protectors are so essential is that they help protect your gutter and extend its lifespan by a couple of years. One of the major problems when not installing gutter guards is that these gutters will get clogged, and you will need to clean them regularly. While there is no shunning away from the fact that cleaning gutters are essential, the truth is that when you install gutter guards from a gutter cleaning company in Portland, OR, you are less likely to climb up the ladder every weekend to ensure that your gutter is clean.

Best Gutter Guard Installation

One of the best things about installing gutters guards is that it keeps the leaves from entering the water and prevents clogging. While a lot of people believe that they have broad gutters running through the side of their house, they forget that when a lot of leaves accumulate together, it has the potential of blocking your gutter. Once your gutter is blocked, it could create many problems, including the growth of various pests, including creatures that could infect your gutter. Sometimes the block is minor, and you don’t realize that it is blocked until it’s too late. When this happens, a lot of water gets accumulated in the gutter, which eventually leads to the gutter going bad.

Some leakages could occur midway, and it takes a while to figure out these leakages, which could weaken the foundation of your home. A gutter guard can avoid this entire problem, and it will also take away the stress of having to clean your guitar every week. While you still need to clean your gutter, you don’t have to do it that often and you won’t have so much dirt and grime to deal with.