Copper gutters

Will my copper gutters turn green?

Copper gutters are a popular option among homeowners for adding a unique and stylish touch to their homes. However, its dramatic accent can quickly disappear unless properly maintained.

Despite their durability, copper gutters may lose their shine over time when exposed to air and moisture. As a result, the copper would soon show signs of oxidation, causing it to turn green patina or verdigris. 

Understanding Copper Gutter Oxidation

If you just had your new gutter installed, there is no need to panic or get too worried about it turning green in color. Essentially, there are a few factors that may speed up the oxidation – weather and quality of copper material. 

Ideally, it takes at least five years before the green hue starts to appear, depending on the material and quality of the copper gutter. For higher-quality copper, expect that this may take longer. 

Aside from this, another factor is the weather conditions. Keep in mind that air and moisture are triggers of the oxidation process. As a result, the oxidation rate will increase during the rainy season and slow down during the dry season. 

During the initial start of the oxidation process, the shine and glow of the gutter will fade, and the color will turn reddish or brown. The gutter will soon develop a green hue color as it continues to get exposed to moisture and air. 


Now don’t think too terribly about the green patina on your gutter. It’s actually not a bad thing to have. In fact, it serves as a layer of protection to prevent the gutter from deterioration and corrosion. 

But if you are getting conscious or don’t like green patina, there are ways to prevent it. 

Generally, the best way to prevent oxidation is by getting the gutter treated with a coating to prevent oxygen and moisture exposure. 

In some cases, if the green patina has already started to occur, the only way is to have your gutters cleaned. But bear in mind that it is a complex process. You will need a cleaning paste and a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the patina. You will also need the gutters coated to restore their original and natural state. 

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