Gutter Styles

5K Gutters design &
5K Gutters

In North America, most commonly, 5k gutters with 2″x3″ downspouts are used. They hold large amounts of water flow and are the perfect style and size for most homes. They're lightweight and easily installed. They come in several different materials; aluminum is the most popular one because of its mix of beauty and durability. They are the ideal home gutter installation primarily.

6K Gutters
6K Gutters

6k gutters are similar to 5k gutters, with the main difference being size. 6k gutters are capable of collecting more water than 5k, and the standard 3″x4″ downspouts for 6k gutters drain faster than 2″x3″ downspouts of 5K gutters. 6k gutters may be the best option for you when you have a larger or steeper roof than typical or if you have a long valley system.

fascia gutter design dimensions
Fascia Gutter

Fascia gutters can be a better option because they look more appealing on buildings that may be more architecturally inclined. Fascia gutters are less prominent and noticeable because of their narrower counterparts. 6-inch fascia gutters can be incredibly beneficial for buildings in regions of heavy rainfall. The depth allows for more water to flow through them.

Downspout Styles

A downspout is an enclosed vertical gutter used for carrying rainwater from a rain gutter to ground level. The water directed away from the building’s foundation from ground level. It is an essential element of any gutter system that helps prevent soil erosion and damage to the structure’s foundation. One downspout for every 20-foot of guttering is standard in homes. Additional downspouts may be necessary depending on the gutter’s style, design, and sizes installed on your home.

At Gutter Empire LLC, we offer two downspout types for selection: corrugated and a modern smooth square. The corrugated downspout is the least expensive and most popular, while the contemporary smooth square downspout is the trendier option.

  • Corrugated Downspout: It has fluting in the sides for strength and stability and uses pre-made curves designed to speed the water flow away from the outlet and gutter. This type of downspout is slightly larger in diameter. It allows for the installation of a more significant outlet, both of which increase the speed at which water can exit the gutter and improve the flow of your system.
  • Smooth square downspout: This is a smooth square because it is smooth or flat on all of its surfaces, and it is square. For installing a soft square, each bend in the metal has to be cut and bent.
Frequently Asked Questions about gutter installation

Yes! Gutter installation is an essential part of your home. Gutters are essential to change the course of water away from your home. If neglected, your home could experience water-related damages like foundation issues, basement flooding, mildew problems, etc. It’s important to keep your gutters pitched properly toward your downspouts, free of cracks, holes, and clear of debris to effectively draw water away from your home.

If you live in a climate where you don’t have much rain, then it’s up to you to determine the value of gutters for your home. However, in some areas, you must have a gutter system to ensure your house is up to mark.

If you’re considering installing a new gutter system or replacing an old one, then the cost will be a big factor. This is often determined by the material you choose and how much gutter you would need for your structure. The average gutter installation Portland ranges between $3.64 to $29.63 per linear foot.