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Most Innovative Gutter Guard in Portland

Like all “instant success” stories, tireless creators have a history of working endless hours to perfect their ideas and transition them into marketable products. This has led to industry-changing innovations such as Apple iPhones and Tesla’s Electric Cars. Today, Valor Gutter Guards joins that effort in producing a gutter protection system that has changed the future of that industry. They have partnered with designers, installers, and homeowners to make a gutter guard that works in all geographic areas built solidly and affordable.

America’s Top Rated Gutter Guard

Valor Gutter Guard Benefits

Our product is designed and assembled in the USA with patented raised screen micromesh technology. The innovation of the raised S-Curve design allows water tension to be broken and pull water into the guard. The raised design also lifts debris to allow air and water to flow under, wicking away the debris off the guard. In addition, the sturdy louvered frame directs airflow to keep your gutters working in optimal performance. Our gutter guard is making history every day intending to protect nearly every gutter in the USA.


Valor Moss-Away

Eliminates moss and algae growth. A zinc strip inserted into valor gutter guards releases zinc-oxide, preventing moss and organic growth from ever forming.


Valor Melt-Away

Valor Melt-Away- Melts ice and snow from gutters. This option allows for a heated cable to be integrated to combat the freezing temperatures to protect your gutter guards from ice dams and the formation of icicles to keep your gutters working at their optimal state.