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Why gutter cleaning is Important?

Gutter cleaning is a big task. Any homeowner who lives here in Portland, Oregon will surely hear about their gutter cleaning and maintenance routines. Many new homeowners are often caught off guard by just how much gutter cleaning service matters here. With the unpredictable and inclement climate in Portland, Oregon, gutter cleaning should be a priority for every homeowner. If you search for gutter cleaning near me in Portland then you will definitely find us over there with highest ratings.

When do you need gutter cleaning service?

Cleaning gutters regularly is essential. Preventative gutter maintenance has one primary purpose – to save you money. Suppose you neglect gutter cleaning and repair temporarily. In that case, there is a good chance that you will pay the price financially in the future. Some significant signs that call for gutter cleaning are:

  • Gutters are not able to handle most normal periods of rainfall.
  • Gutters start dripping or overflowing.
  • Plants start growing inside them.
  • Change in season.
  • Gutters are sagging.
  • Animals start crawling inside your gutters.

We recommend a minimum twice-annual gutter cleaning service for best results. We’ll come home and completely clear the gutters, reinstating proper water flow once again. Want to know why so many homeowners choose us for gutter service? Call us to learn more.

Why you should choose us?

Our team can help with your gutter cleaning service and roof cleaning needs in Portland, OR. Honest service and no gimmicks are our promises to you. We’ll tell you exactly what it takes to repair the gutters and provide the service that you want; nothing more, nothing less.

We understand that money is tight and believe that home maintenance should be affordable to every budget. We offer competitive rates and honest service, giving you one less worry. Request your free quote and discover firsthand why many Portland homeowners trust us for their gutter repair needs. We’re proud of our low-cost gutter repair service, and we think you’ll be happy with our numbers when you work with us!

No repair is too small or too large for our talented gutter technicians. We can repair corrosion and broken spouts as quickly as we can repair small pinholes caused by pine needles. Your home is your most valuable asset, don’t ignore your gutters anymore!

Several details that set us apart from the competition of gutter cleaning service in Portland, Oregon and Metro areas are:

  • We remove all the clogs from the gutter, such as leaves, twigs, grit, shingles, weeds, etc.
  • We clear downspouts so that they can carry away water safely.
  • We check the gutters for the proper flow of water.
  • We clean up all debris and remove it from your structure.

Our customer reviews might help you better to know about us. Today, give us a call to schedule your roof and gutter cleaning.

Why Seasonal Gutter Cleaning is important?

Gutter cleaning can be recommended as often as four times a year due to climatic conditions, so it’s advisable to have the best gutters cleaned seasonally. It mainly depends on where you live or work and the wildlife surrounding your property in residential and commercial buildings.

You are likely to notice branches and twigs in your gutters during the spring season. Leftover debris from winter will accumulate in your gutters and require cleaning. Also, spring rainfall can cause damage to your channels. So in this season, you will want to thoroughly clean and inspect your gutters for any problems that need repair. The most crucial time of the year is Early fall. It is when you will have to check and clean your gutters.

Taking good care of your channels in early fall will pay you off later before heavy rain or snowfall hits. Also, while cleaning, don’t forget to check that the downspouts are flushing correctly and are free of clogs. There is unpredictable weather in Portland in the fall. Hence it will likely be necessary to perform another gutter cleaning in the middle of fall or towards the beginning of winter. Even if the fall would be mild or tumultuous, your home will benefit from gutter cleaning before winter hits.

During summertime, summer storms can bring wind-blown debris into your gutters. Take advantage of a sunny day and thoroughly clean your gutters during the summer months. Be sure to check for any mold that may have built up in your gutters due to spring showers. Cleaning gutters regularly in each season will prevent the build-up of twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris. Instead, waiting for a severe problem to ensue, it is much cheaper to take the time to clean your gutters and perform regular cleaning and maintenance.


Gutters and roofing systems form an integral part of a home’s well-being. Gutters mainly channel and control the flow of water – protecting the roof, walls, foundation, and landscaping. Simply keeping your gutters clean can prevent 95% of all water intrusion. Clogged gutters can cause huge damages and compromise the property’s overall integrity. Listing out a few reasons for which you must have your gutters cleaned regularly:

  • Clogged gutters can damage your roof: clogged drains will hinder the proper water flow, eventually causing rainwater to overflow. This overflowing will damage your roof and require expensive repairs.
  • Clogged gutters can become a hub for pests: debris accumulation in gutters can become a good hub for pests, rodents, and infestation by disease-causing organisms. It may cause a health hazard to your family.
  • Your home’s foundation might get damaged due to clogged gutters. When gutters overflow, the water will drip or flow too close to the foundation and compromise its stability.
  • Protect the value of your home: clogged gutters often affect the aesthetic value of your home and generally lower the overall valuation of your home.
Gutter cleaning cost in Portland, Oregon is totally depends on various factors such as the house’s height.

  • The span between the two consecutive cleaning of your gutters.
  • Are there any obstructions in cleaning.
  • Placement of gutter guards and filters in between.

The average cost for cleaning gutter would ideally reside somewhere between $1 and $2 per linear foot of channels.