Replace Your Gutters

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Gutters

A well-maintained set of gutters can last you for a long time, especially if you’re keeping on top of small repairs. However, nothing can last forever. Eventually, the time will come when you need to replace your gutters altogether. At Empire Gutters, we’re pros at installing new gutters, whether they’re 5k, 6k, or fascia style. But how do you know when to replace and when to just repair? There are a few things you can look out for when you’re doing your regular gutter inspections.

When you’re cleaning your gutters, try to keep an eye out for any holes or cracks in the metal. Oftentimes, these small holes can be fixed relatively easily. You can even repair them yourself if you’re the handyman type. But if you’re noticing a lot of sections with damage, like five or six, then it might be time to go ahead and replace the whole thing. The same goes for the fasteners that keep your gutters attached to the roof and keep it level. If you notice one or two loose fasteners, you should be fine as long as you fix them. However, if you continue to see them coming loose, you might have a problem with the gutters that could require replacing them.

There are also some things you can keep an eye on just by looking up when you go outside. If you notice sections of your gutters starting to separate from each other, that can be a problem. It would help if you also looked out for sections that have pulled away from the roof. This can signify that your fascia boards are rotting and should be replaced. Sagging or tilted gutters can also be a significant issue. If water starts to pool in a sagging section of your gutters, it can spill over or even pull your gutters down. Consider installing a new set of gutters if you notice this happening frequently.

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  1. Pooling water was something I’m glad you talked about in this article. One particular section of our house seems to be experiencing this more than the other parts, so this might be a fault of the gutter system there. I’ll have a gutter replacement expert assist me with getting a new system installed before the rain here gets worse.

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