Gutter Guard Installation and Replacement Service

Importance of gutter guards

Gutter guards provide a protective covering over the gutters. It allows water to flow through them, but blocks leaves, twigs, and other debris. Installing a gutter guard is a simple upgrade that will protect your home from all kinds of moisture damage.
Most homeowners do not give their Gutters much thought unless there is a problem. They assume that the gutters are properly working to prevent water damage to their homes. However, this is not the case.
Gutters need regular cleaning and maintenance, or trouble will occur! By the time damage is noticeable, homeowners can expect the need for repairs. Gutter guards protect the gutters, giving Portland homeowners more freedom to live their lives without worrying that their home is falling apart.

Gutter guards protect the gutters from wear and tear that occurs over their lifetime. Not all gutter guards offer the same level of protection. However, in Portland, homeowners must take action against the massive rainfall the state receives each year, as well as pine needles!

Although pine trees add sophistication to homes throughout the state, they clog and damage the gutters. Roof damage, soffit damage, foundation and basement damage, mold and mildew, landscape erosion,  heaving driveways, and many other types of damage may occur if water isn’t properly diverted away from the home. Gutter guards prevent clogged gutters that lead to the solution of these problems.


Leaf filters also prolong the lifetime of the gutters. Homeowners save thousands of dollars with professionally installed ultimate gutter guards on their homes.

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With 43-inches of rainfall average each year in Portland, homeowners should understand the importance of protecting their homes with quality gutters. But don’t stop there when gutter guards provide the extra protection needed in a city that receives more rainfall than the U.S. average! Gutter guards reduce the need for gutter cleaning and protect your wallet!

We use state-of-the-art gutter guards that block even the tiniest particles from accumulating inside of our gutters. Imagine clean, clog-free gutters year-round, all without the need for professional gutter cleaning service. We have the best gutter guard consumer reports. Gutter guards from Gutter Empire  LLC protect Portland homeowners during the rainy season and the rest of the year.

Gutter guards protect the home from clogged gutter damage and add an aesthetic touch to every  Portland property. No longer does home protection require you to sacrifice the curb appeal of your home, thanks to our sophisticated, stylish gutter guards! We are just a call away.

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Types of gutter guards

There are five main types of gutter guards available:
  1. Screen: This guard features a wire or a plastic grid that blocks leaves from entering the gutter. They’re easy to install. This is an inexpensive option and offers the simplest installation-mostly, no tools are needed. The only disadvantage of this type of guard is that they are not screwed down and may be dislodged by high winds or knocked out from under shingles by falling branches.
  2. Micro mesh: These guards are similar to screens, allowing water to run through small holes while blocking twigs and debris. They effectively block even small bits of debris, such as blowing sand, while allowing rain to flow through. They’re made up of various materials like inexpensive plastic to strong stainless steel. A few reports named these as the best type of gutter protection, and they offer a permanent solution to clogged gutters. These gutter guards require frequent cleaning with a hose sprayer and scrub brush to clear ultrafine debris from the mesh hole.
  3. Reverse Curve: These are made from lightweight metal or molded plastic. Reverse gutter guards work well in keeping leaves and debris out of the gutter, even in yards with numerous trees. These are more expensive than mesh guards and screen options. If not installed properly,  water can run over the edge. One might also have a pest problem if bees or wasps get through the opening of your gutters.
  4. Brush: These are oversized pipe cleaners placed inside the gutters, preventing large debris from falling into the gutter and causing clogs. These gutter guards are easy to install and inexpensive, which is why these are a popular option for DIYers on a budget. Many users have found that leaves simply build up behind the projecting bristles, decreasing the purpose of installing gutter guard in the first place.
  5. Foam: Made from polyurethane, this guard inserts directly into the gutter. It is an easy to use option. The foam allows water to flow through the gutter easily, but some users report the foam begins to deteriorate quickly. Hence, they aren’t the best for locations that experience high levels of rainfall because heavy rains can quickly saturate the foam leading to the overflow of gutters.

What to consider while choosing gutter guards

There are various factors to keep in mind while choosing gutter guards. These include material, size, visibility, and installation.
  1. Material: It can vary depending on the type and quality of the product. The most commonly used material is Stainless steel. Other materials are Copper, Aluminum, Plastics, Foam.
  2. Size: Choosing the correct size of gutter guard depends on the width of the gutter. The length of the gutter also must be measured to determine the number of gutter guards required to protect the entire gutter system.
  3. Visibility: Depending on the type of gutter guard used, the side or even the top might be visible from the ground, so it’s advisable to find a guard that highlights or blends in with the aesthetic. Foam and brush gutter guards are invisible from the ground because they sit completely in the gutter, but micro-mesh, screen, and reverse-curve gutter guards are visible.
  4. Professional vs. Self (DIY) installation: For higher story roofs, professional installation is strongly recommended. For one-story homes, it is a quite safe and simple job that requires only basic tools. One has to be easy on gutter guards while installing them.

Some of the basic sites/stores where you can go through the different types of gutter guards are home depot gutter guards, gutter guard lowes, etc.

  1. Its main benefit is to keep the debris such as leaves and sticks out of the gutters. ∙ Gutter guards prevent the nesting of rodents and larger insects in damp gutters, thereby causing the drainage system to back up.
  2. The maintenance of gutters becomes easier as gutter guards prevent obstructions from entering the drainage system.

Cleaning gutters is a miserable and quite dangerous job. Installing gutter guards can be a very smart choice when it comes to protecting your own homes. The main benefits of gutter guards are: – Its main benefit is to keep the debris such as leaves and sticks out of the gutters.  Gutter guards prevent the nesting of rodents and larger insects in damp gutters, thereby causing the drainage system to back up.
∙ The maintenance of gutters becomes easier as gutter guards prevent obstructions from entering the drainage system.

There are majorly five types of gutter guards available to protect the gutter system. They can be listed as screen, micro-mesh, reverse curve, brush, and foam – each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Yes! It is entirely possible for most gutter guards to handle heavy rains. Though guards that are full of leaves or sticks may have a hard time passing the water flow. This is why it’s most important to inspect and clean both the gutters and the guards in the spring and fall seasons.