3 Reasons Behind Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

With all the rain we get here in the Pacific Northwest, noisy gutters and downspouts can drive you crazy. Sometimes, a loud racket in your gutters can mean that it’s time to get your gutters repaired, but other times it’s a minor problem that you can fix on your own. Here are the three reasons your gutters and downspouts can develop a noise problem and how to improve them.

There’s a Clog

While gutters are designed to channel water away from your roof, water isn’t the only thing that ends up getting sucked into them. Organic material and other debris pile up, creating barriers that water can’t drain past. If clogs like this are not dealt with promptly, the water may eventually cause roof damage.

Loosened Brackets

Brackets are what keep your gutters firmly secured to the side of the house. Over time, though, these brackets can become loose due to the wind and rain that we frequently experience in the Pacific Northwest. When water rushes down a gutter with loosened racks, it causes a loud rattling noise that can be impossible to ignore. Loosened gutters can even bang against the side of your house, damaging your home and increasing the risk of water damage.

Subpar Installation

Unfortunately, subpar installation is one of the most common reasons for noisy gutters and downspouts in Portland. Downspouts are often installed at the wrong angle to drain water effectively. Gutters should also have a very slight, almost imperceptible slope. When improperly installed, water droplets won’t slide but will instead pound against the sides. 

Keeping your gutters clean and trouble-free all by yourself can be a real headache. With the help of professional gutter cleaning and repair in Oregon, you can ensure that you always have clean, silent gutters.