2”x 3” and 3”x”4 Downspouts

2”x 3” and 3”x”4 Downspouts

The 2”x3” downspouts are the most common size used in the United States. These downspouts can be installed on a 5k, 6k, or fascia-style gutter system. They can handle heavy rainfall and small debris so that the system won’t clog and overflow. If you have a shallow roof and little to no trees surrounding your home, this size of downspout is right for your home. 

However, if your roof is steep with trees towering over your home, 3”x4” downspouts are the better option. These 3”x4” downspouts can only be installed on the 6k gutter system. The larger downspout is able to handle more water flow and redirects that water quicker than the 5k and 2”x3” gutter system. This size of downspout is also essential if you have roof valleys. Roof valleys are when two sections of the roof meet, which creates a valley in your roof that flows the water down twice as fast. 6k gutters and 3”x4” downspouts combat this with their larger size and ability to handle more water flow than the 5k and fascia style systems.

Here at Gutter Empire, we add a few more features to the downspout system to ensure that your gutters stay clog-free. For both downspout sizes, we give you the option of adding a wide-mouth outlet. This piece attaches to the bottom of the gutter and opens up the entire bottom, creating an opening that can handle more water volume. For the 5k system, it creates a hole twice the size of the 2”x3”. For the 6k system, it creates a hole four times the size of a 2”x3” downspout. The wide mouth then connects to the downspout.

In addition to the wide mouth, we also offer cleanouts for both downspout sizes. These cleanouts leave a few inches open gap between the downspout and cleanout. The cleanout has a removable screen on top that leads water into the underground drains and prevents debris from clogging the draining system. 

Both 5k and 6k gutters are excellent choices for your home. If you prefer 5k gutters or if it is the only system that can go up on your home, Gutter Empire offers you the same water management options as 6k gutters. Wide mouths and cleanouts can be added to both systems and they increase your system’s functionality.

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